Police say two cell phone store employees in Bartow copied and kept personal photographs from a female customer's phone and shared them with at least one other person.

Gregory Lampert, 26, of Brandon was arrested, and detectives are seeking an arrest warrant for Josuha Stuart, 24, of Riverview, Bartow police said.

Both will face felony charges of dealing in stolen property and offenses against computer users and misdemeanor charges of theft and prohibited acts regarding lewd materials.

Detectives said they learned that the female, whose age was not given, went to the Cellular Sales of Knoxville at 110 E. Van Fleet Drive on Oct. 18 to purchase a new phone.

Stuart offered to transfer the customer's data from her old phone to her new one, but during the process, he obtained personal photos and kept a copy for himself, detectives said.

According to detectives, the customer left the store trusting that all her data had been transferred to her new phone and no copies were left behind. But Stuart shared the data with associate Lampert.

In the days that followed, detectives said, Stuart and Lampert showed the images to a customer who recognized the female. That customer contacted the female and alerted her to the existence of the photos.

On Wednesday, detectives executed a search warrant at the store. The found several images of the female on Lampert's phone and personal computer, along with personal photos of another female, police said. Lampert was arrested at the scene.

Stuart was not present at the time of the search, police said.