An 83-year-old Homosassa woman survived two days and two nights after she fell in her yard and was not able to get up.

The woman is recovering, but she wasn't feeling up to talking about her experience.  However, the woman who found her and got her to safety shared some of their story with Bay News 9.

Leonee Winburn is a nursing assistant with Granny Nannies.  She said she still can't believe what happened that day.

"I really don't know how she did it for two days," she said. "I really don't. It really is a miracle she lasted that long."

The woman who fell was on the ground from Monday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon, through the cold and the rain.

"Even though she was about 30 feet from her home, she couldn't make it," Winburn said. "She was stuck."

Winburn was driving down the road to see a patient when something caught her attention.  She saw the exhausted woman sitting in her yard, waving her hand.  The woman had been trying to wave down cars that passed by the entire time she was on the ground.

The woman was about 600 feet from the road, which meant she was difficult to see, yet somehow Winburn saw her and stopped to help.

"I opened the gate and I flew across the field here to get to her as fast as I could," she said.

Winburn said she's not sure the woman would have lasted another night.  She said the woman was dressed in a light robe with no shoes or socks.

"I wanted to cry," she said. "I felt so bad for her because she was so dirty. You know, the mud and dirt. Her limbs were discolored, you know, and she was shaking. Then she says, 'I need a bath.'"

The woman is now recovering at Citrus Memorial Hospital. Winburn said she plans to check up on her once she gets home.