Deputies say a man stabbed a woman and then tried to kill himself Monday morning in the Gospel Island community in Citrus County.

According to reports, Levi Humes, 29, was at 35-year-old Brandy Conley's house Monday morning when he left to go to work.  He returned a short while later, saying he left his wallet at the home.

That's when deputies said he stabbed an unsuspecting Conley from behind. 

Humes then fled the scene in a white Ford Explorer.  Deputies spotted him on Gospel Island Road shortly after the stabbing, the report said.

Humes then shot himself, and the SUV crashed into a tree, deputies said.

Conley and Humes were botht aken to Ocala Regional Medical Center.  Deputies said Conley is in stable condition.  Humes underwent surgery and is now in intensive care.

Deputies said they do not know why Humes stabbed Conley, who is an acquaintance of his.

The investigation continues. Charges are pending.