The tragedy at Sandy Hook is prompting change at one local pawn shop.

A Bay area dealer is locking up his assault rifles for good.

One by one, the guns are coming out of the cases and off the shelves inside Frank James’ pawn shop in Seminole.

“My conscience overrides the need to make money,” James said.

James will lose half of his business by taking firearms out of the Loan Star Pawn Shop on Seminole Boulevard, but he’s doing it for his 6-year-old daughter.

“My daughter, at this point, associates firearms with evil people because of what she sees on TV and what she sees in school,” James said.

James has the same gun police say was used by Adam Lanza during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

He says that just one of many guns he’ll be taking off the shelves.

“Dropped her (his daughter) off yesterday, saw the children, came to work prepared to display our firearms, and the first one I display is a Bushmaster AR-15," James said. "I said to myself, 'that’s it; I just can’t hang this on my wall.' ”

James said he is still a firm believer in the Second Amamendment. He’ll continue to carry a firearm, and he will have them in his home, but he can no longer fathom the possibility of a gun he sells end up in the wrong hands.

“It would have been devastating," he said. "I think of that scenario every day."

James and his daughter have tacked up green and white ribbons in place of the guns to honor the victims of the Connecticut shooting.

James said he’s not sure what he’s going to do with all of the guns, and since gun sales were such a large part of his business, he will have to make some changes in order to keep the store open.