A couple's mobile home burned down in Homosassa just days before Christmas, leaving their family with very little.
"You never think anything like this would happen to you. You know I left the house all happy going to see my son sing and came back to nothing," tenant of the mobile home, Rachael Karaffa said.

Karaffa and her boyfriend Jona Hemion had just picked up their kid's Christmas gifts two days before.

"The Christmas presents we just bought for $600 are all gone," Jona Hemion said.

The couple's two-year-old son Easton, some of their family members and their pets were inside of the home when it went up in flames.

No one was injured in the fire.

"The first thing I asked is Easton okay, did he get out? Is he alive? And I was freaking out and as soon as she said he was okay I calmed down a little bit," Karaffa said.

Together the couple has four children, and have no idea what's next.

"We’re still looking for a place to stay. We have people helping us put deposits on places," Karaffa said.

The couple said strangers and friends have offered to help them at a time they need it most. It's something they said will make their Christmas this year, even more special.
"We’re very thankful for all of them and our friends, community, our family they’re all doing everything they can" Karaffa said.

Organizations like the Red Cross have stepped up and provided the family with a hotel room for a few days.

For information on how you can help, contact Alison Markham of Crystal River Rotary at 352-697-0761.