It was a cold weekend by Florida standards for sure, and a lot of people are saying the timing couldn’t have been better.

Christmas is hours away and the chilly temps did a lot to boost the holiday spirit.

Sunday started off cold capping a chilly late December weekend. In Hernando, a thin layer of frost covers the ground, ice covers the rear window of a car, and the air is crisp. All of these factors are bringing Florida residents to a place of their past, as they reminisce of the days of sledding and building snowmen as children.

Debbie De LaRosa is glad we got a shift of cold air because it reminds her of Christmas up north where she grew up.

“It sure does minus the snow, yup, sure does,” said LaRosa who was out doing some shopping.

A red sleigh surrounded by presents puts a smile on your face when you drive by.

“Definitely makes you do a little dance, that’s for sure,” she said.

We found Michael McNally outside of a JCPenny in Spring Hill with a Santa hat on passing on some of the Christmas spirit. He says the cool weather makes it all complete and he just wants to make people smile.

“When you go a little extravagant it just brings joy to them by looking at you so I do it,” McNally said.

McNally says even when Christmas is over he plans to keep spreading the holiday cheer.