Fire and Rescue personnel responded to a call on Thursday about a nine-year-old child that was having a seizure in Spring Hill.

After the child was transported to the hospital, blood tests revealed that there was cocaine in the child's system.

In an interview at the hospital, the child told deputies that a person in the home, later identified as Kimberly Losurdo, 45, was doing drugs.

The child also told deputies that an "irregular shaped, rock like" substance was found in the bathroom and the child ingested it two days ago.

Shortly after, the child became sick, vomiting and deteriorating slowly until being hospitalized.

Detectives said Losurdo admitted that she smokes crack cocaine inside the residence and that the child must have found a piece and ate it, thinking it was candy or a pill.

Losurdo stated that the child began vomiting two days ago and displayed flu-like symptoms so she called for help before the child began seizing.

Deputies have confiscated a crack pipe inside the home, and three children ages 9, 11, and 16 have been removed by the Department of Children and Families.

Sheriff Al Nienhuis said, "There are few things more disappointing that we have to deal with than a child who is living in an environment where drug use is the norm. What the children perceive as normal would astound the average citizen. We can see from this case, however, that drug users do more than set a bad example, they put innocent lives at risk. Relatives, and even neighbors, of young children should take a zero tolerance stance when it comes to drug use anywhere near children. We must all take an active role in protecting those who do not have the ability to protect themselves by calling authorities if there is obvious evidence of drug use around children."

The child is expected to make a full recovery.

Kimberly Losurdo was charged with child abuse. Her bond was set at $5,000.