The holiday season is nearly over, but a Citrus County non-profit organization is already looking ahead to Christmas 2013.

Ginger West is dedicated to helping those in need. She is the director of the Family Resource Center in the city of Hernando.  This year, West and her volunteers made sure about 2,000 of needy children had something under the Christmas tree.

But there is no time to stop and celebrate, as West is planning ahead for next year. She has already hit the stores to buy some things she'll need for next year.

Sponsors usually supply most of the presents, but West said it never hurts to get the things she knows she'll need.

"It is for the teenagers, mostly, because people bring me dolls and trucks, you know, for the little kids," West said. "It's for the older kids we have to work a bit to have gifts for."

West went shopping the day after Christmas, which allowed her to save hundreds of dollars.

West said the largest number of children they have helped in one year was a little more than 2,000.  That was two years ago.