Adalyn.  It's the name Cindy and Dennis Boyer already picked out for the baby girl they plan to adopt from Russia.

"Her birthday is tomorrow. She will turn two-years-old," says Cindy. "And tomorrow this will be the last birthday she spends without us."

Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a measure that bans the adoption of Russian children by US families.

"When I first saw that he signed, my stomach kind of dropped.  My heart dropped," says Cindy.

The couple just returned from Russia Sunday, where they met Adalyn in person for the very first time.

"We have gone and signed the papers and accepted her as our daughter," Cindy says.  "We have it on paper with their government."

Now, they are hoping that paperwork will hold up.  For now, their adoption facilitator has told them not to worry.  Adalyn, in urgent need of surgery for her bilateral cleft lip, gun and palate, will still be theirs if a judge upholds the process they've already started.

"She told us you're still going, how quickly do you want to go back," Cindy says.

"Until I hear it's not going to happen, I'm still going to lean forward and I'm going to persist," Dennis says.  "And we're going to try and get this child home."

The Boyers say the orphanage is closed for the holidays but, will reopen in a couple of weeks.  By then, they should have the final word.

Meanwhile, the Boyers are still fundraising for the trip back, as well as adoption fees. If you would like to help, head to