The murder trial of Dee Dee Moore resumed Monday in Tampa.

Prosecutors say Moore swindled Abraham Shakespeare out of his lottery winnings, killed him, then buried his body behind her house.

Greg Smith, a longtime friend of Shakespeare’s, testified he agreed to help Moore but Moore had no idea he had become an informant for the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives cornered Smith after he called Shakespeare's mom and pretended to be her son. He said Moore paid him to do that. Smith was wearing a wire when Moore asked for his help again.

Smith testified Moore was going to type a letter to Shakespeare's mom pretending to be him when in fact prosecutors say Shakespeare was functionally illiterate. The two page letter said Shakespeare had left town. 

Smith testified he's the one who dropped the letter off at Shakespeare's mom's house.

Last week, jurors heard from Shakespeare himself in a video taken from Moore's home. In it, Shakespeare complained about lending out money.

Shakespeare's body was found buried behind Moore's Plant City home in 2010.

Jurors also watched a two-hour interrogation video between Moore and detectives. In that video, Moore repeatedly denies murdering Shakespeare or knowing where he is.