The food, fun, and festivities were in full swing in Saint Petersburg at First Nite 2013.

The first fireworks went off right on schedule at 9 p.m. and the grand finale fireworks lit up the sky at midnight to ring in the new year.

Now aside from the stage where people have been entertained all night long, people were staking out their spots along the water to make sure they get an up-close view of the fireworks.

"It's definitely the excitement,” said James Felgemacher of St. Petersburg.  “I mean that's one of the main reasons I come out here and we enjoy together sitting out in front of the water and enjoying the fireworks."

"I definitely say the music is fun, dancing, but also the food,” said Rachel Limoli.  “The food also brings me out here, too."

As night falls, North Straub Park slowly starts to come to life and more and more revelers came out to take part to ring in 2013.

Most of the events taking place throughout the night will be at North Straub Park, South Straub Park, The Baywalk, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Allen Deoucet and Jacalyn Boone are visiting from Canada and are visiting St. Petersburg after they say they heard lots of positive reviews about the city and it’s First Nite celebrations.

When asked if he was ready to be in the party mode, Doucet said, “Oh yeah, we're ready."  He also said he’s ready for “whatever surprises the place shows to us as we go along."

When asked if the fireworks were the biggest draw for her, Boone said, “whatever comes our way.”

Two of the headliners for tonight are rising pop sensation, Macy Kate and the world’s youngest DJ, DJ Baby Chino.

We asked Chino when he started his career.  “When I was 5,” he said.  “I’m 10 now.”  He added he likes being the DJ because the “DJ controls everything.”

Chino calls his career “a blessing for him.”

Macy Kate may be just 14-years-old but she’s also a singer, songwriter and dancer.  She said, “It’s been a great ride so far and I’m very excited.”

Kate tells her loyal fans to “never give up on their dreams.”