A Citrus County organization that is all about creating a happy holiday for children is asking for help. Their list of needy kids keeps growing but they don’t have enough gifts.

Volunteers are in overdrive wrapping presents. The philosophy is simple this time of year. Even needy kids must have something under the tree.

The Family Resource Center in Citrus County is packed with presents but believe it or not they need a lot more. Ginger West is the director of the center.

“Case workers have remembered a few more children here or a child who just came on to their caseload or a child who has just moved into the community so they are coming to us and saying can we do this one more child?” said Director, Ginger West.

They have about 2,000 kids that need presents. They find a sponsor and those sponsors get the gifts for the kids. The problem is, they are short about 100 sponsors and the clock is ticking.

“We have children who the request for Christmas is a pillow for their bed or a blanket because their house is not warm enough,” West said.

Sharon Hawkins, who volunteers her time to wrap presents, said sponsoring a child is a win-win situation.

“It is a good opportunity to make yourself feel good and to do something for the children,” Hawkins said.

If you'd like to sponsor a child and help out contact the Family Resource Center. The number is 352-344-1001.