One of two bicyclists hit and injured by a truck in Lakeland on Thursday has been treated and released, but the other remains in critical condition at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Cecil Vining, 62, sustained life-threatening injuries and Joseph R. Kelly, 61, sustained non-life threatening injuries, according to officials. A third bicyclist, Kenneth Black, 46, was not injured. All three cyclists are from Lakeland.

The crash happened at Lake Hollingsworth Drive and Cleveland Heights Boulevard around 8 a.m. Thursday morning. The crash remains under investigation.

At last check, Vining is in critical condition, while Kelly was released.

An off-duty firefighter, Sean Sweat, was nearby when the accident happened and rushed to help.

“I saw the commotion down at the corner, and saw a guy laying in the middle of the road," Sweat. “Anytime there’s a car versus a bicycle, or vice versa, it’s never a good outcome.”

Other cyclists say they're not surprised something like this happened.

“This intersection a lot of people don’t pay attention to people passing, whether it’s bikes or walkers, or anything like that, there’s a lot of people that end up hurt," said Brendt Talcott, a cyclist. “I’m always watching all the other cars because I don’t trust anybody else.”

Officials have interviewed the driver of the truck. No charges have been filed.