One of George Zimmerman's closest friends is now speaking out and defending one of the most controversial people today.

"He's a good man, who was trying to do the right thing and it turned out horribly wrong."

Joe Oliver gets emotional when talking about his friend of 10 years, Zimmerman. He's speaking about the man now widely hated for saying he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in an act of self-defense.

Oliver said Zimmerman is being portrayed as someone he's not.

"He's extremely remorseful, he cried for days after it happened, okay. He's just now realizing how big this is," Oliver said.

He said Zimmerman is in hiding and scared for his life.

"He's gone through a period basically not undifferent from anybody who's lost an life. I mean he's lost his," Oliver said.

Protestors are demanding Zimmerman be arrested and charged with murder.

Oliver wouldn't get into too much detail but said we will all learn the truth and he said his friend is innocent.

"I mean look, if he meant to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin the evidence would be there," Oliver defended, "He didn't kill him, it was self-defense and that's what the evidence is going to show."

The lawyer counseling Zimmerman has maintained his client was acting in self-defense, and the public has only heard part of the story.

Monday marks one month since Trayvon Martin's death. Several events have been planned in Sanford to continue the call for Zimmerman's arrest.