Most people think we’re one of the best at what they do for a living, but one Tampa Bay professor now knows he is.

Tony Smith is in eighth year as a speech and communications professor at St. Petersburg College.

Smith is passionate about his career, and he said it’s his dream job.

Recently that passion was validated by a significant honor.

The Princeton Review named Smith one of the top 300 professors in the country.

“I thought wow this is great, a real honor, I was really happy and excited, and I just kind of felt like Christmas that day to get that honor,” said Tony Smith, St. Pete College professor.

The Princeton Review found out about Smith thanks to the website

It’s a place where students can grade their teachers and turns out Smith got an A.

“The students say that I can really help them relate to the material and how it can help them in their lives as far as their careers, their relationships, their potential in life overall.”

Whether he’s lecturing in front of the class or grading his students from behind a desk, Smith’s drive to be the best is never about himself, it’s always about his students.

“I know what it’s like giving speeches so being able to help them get comfortable and realize they can do it and then help them get through it, that’s really a nice feeling, it’s priceless.”

Smith was one of 10 Florida teachers on the list, and he’s the only one in Tampa Bay.