The state attorney who originally handled the George Zimmerman case will not seek re-election.

Norm Wolfinger, the long-time state attorney for Brevard and Seminole counties, made the announcement Friday.

Wolfinger, 66, has been state attorney for the past 27 years.

Wolfinger has come under fire for his part in the Zimmerman case. The family of Trayvon Martin has accused Wolfinger of meeting with Sanford's police chief the night George Zimmerman was taken into questioning for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, and of telling police not to arrest Zimmerman.

Wolfinger has denied that accusation. He recused himself from the case, and Gov. Rick Scott appointed Jacksonville State Attorney Angela Corey to handle the case.

Corey, meanwhile, will stay in office another four years. The qualifying period for the state attorney race ended at noon Friday. No one opposed her.