Assessors from the Commission of Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation will be in Gulfport today to assess the police department's compliance with peer reviewed standards.

The Gulfport Police Department received initial accreditation from CFA in February 2000 and has maintained an accredited status since. Assessors will examine all aspects of the agency's policies, procedures, management, operations and support services. The department has to comply with approximately 260 standards in order to maintain its accredited status.

As part of the on-site assessment, agency members and the general public are invited to offer comments to the assessment team. Comments must be in writing and must address the agency's ability to comply with CFA standards. A copy of the standards are available through the Police Department's Professional Standards Section office at (727) 893-1111 or (727) 893-1123.

For more information, visit the Florida Accreditation website. Or to make a written comment about the Gulfport Police Department's ability to meet accreditation standards, send an email to