As students wrap up finals and leave for the summer, quiet will overtake the University of Tampa campus.

But when students return for the fall semester, they'll notice a lot more people and quite a few changes.

Come August, 150,000 people will make their way to downtown Tampa for the Republican National Convention. Students will be arriving back at school at the same time.

Because of the protest activity and traffic issues the City of Tampa is expecting, the UT campus is making changes to make sure students can still get to and from classes safely.

Security on campus will be much tighter. Students will be getting special lanyards so security officials will know exactly who belongs on campus. Those officials will be checking student identification at all times.

The university even moved up freshman orientation a week so families can help students move in and spend some time on campus.

Even though the University of Tampa is right in the center of it all and getting to and from campus could be difficult, the RNC won't be an excuse for students to miss classes.

"We've done everything we can to prepare for this," said Joseph Sclafani, UT interim associate provost. "We're even giving our new, incoming students special training so that, in case we can't hold classes, none with be canceled. We will be able to give an alternative delivery online should faculty not be able to make it to campus."