Tampa Police arrested two men Friday they say participated in the beating and robbery of an Army sergeant near MacDill Air Force Base early last Sunday.

Geroshe Lewis, 18, a Tampa Robinson High School senior and Tampa resident, and Lerome Howard, 18, of Sulpher Springs were each charged with aggravated battery and robbery.

Howard, whom police say has an extenive criminal history, was released from jail on bail. Lewis is due to make a first appearance in court Sunday.

The men, along with another men, allegedly approached Sgt. Johnny Aparicio, 24, about 3:30 a.m. on Iowa Avenue and asked him for a dollar. When Aparicio replied, the three men, joined by a fourth suspect, began punching and beating him.

The beating was captured on surveillance video, which police released to the media and generated national attention. More than $16,000 in award money was pledged for information leading to the suspects' arrests.

Police said they received dozens of tips from the video - even the first name of one of the suspects before any reward money was offered.

"One of the suspects told other people, and it spread like wildfire,” Tampa police spokesperson Andrea Davis said. “And we started receiving those tips.

"As the video ran more and more, the community outrage grew and the tips continued to come in."

Lewis was arrested at the school on Friday afternoon as the school day ended, Davis said. Howard was arrested at his home without incident.

Police are still looking for the other two suspects.

"Detective Tim DeGusipe, who's been the lead (investigator) on this case, said he will not rest until everyone is caught," Davis said. "He has been working nonstop on this case, and it's his mission for all four of them to be caught."

Hillsborough County School District spokesperson Steve Hegarty said Lewis will not return to Robinson High School.

"Geroshe Lewis is a senior and belonged to no clubs and does not play any sports," Hegarty said. "He is not in the school yearbook. Based on the charges and the seriousness of the alleged crimes, he will not be returning."

The video shows four men hitting and kicking Aparicio before they went through his pockets and took his cell phone and wallet. Aparicio eventually got up and was able to knock on a neighbor's door and call 911. He was treated at a local hospital.

Authorities said Aparicio was recently assigned to the U.S. Central Command at MacDill. The neighborhood where the assault occurred is not known as a high-crime area.