News 13 obtained close to one hundred emails, out of thousands sent to Sanford City Commissioner Patty Mahany.

From outrage to empathy, folks from across the country have weighed in on the Trayvon Martin shooting.

From Hawaii, to Arizona, Minnesota and Alabama, emails have flowed into Mahany and other Sanford city officials.

“Some of them were just sickening and disgusting due to the language,” said Mahany.

Mahany tells News 13 the tone has changed as the Trayvon Martin shooting investigation developed.

Some of the darkest emails came days before the city commission called for resignation of former Chief Bill Lee.

One woman from New York state wrote:

  • “This proves that your town is full of racist rednecks!”

Mahany said there are many more emails with a hateful tone.

“It is the tip of the iceberg, I would say all total there are probably almost 2,000,” said Mahany.

As developments in the case came to light, the message changed.

“The tone of the emails started to become more positive as little bits and pieces of the evidence came out,” said Mahany.

One specific turning point, according to Mahany, was when the city commission in Sanford denied Chief Bill Lee’s resignation.

A man from Montana wrote:

  • “Good for you Patty, thank you for standing YOUR ground”

“All across the country and I think the tones of the most recent ones and there were hundreds and hundreds, the tone is not just that we support Chief Lee, but thank you for what you believe is right,” said Mahany.

An investigation into the actions of Chief Bill Lee and the Sanford Police Department is ongoing by the Department of Justice’s Police Misconduct Program.

No timetable has been given as to when the results will be released.