The daughter of a woman stabbed to death in a violent rampage allegedly at the hands of an ex-principal spoke through her tears as she remembered her mother Saturday.

Mary Anne Allis, 59, was one of two people stabbed to death Friday at a home for the hearing impaired in Lealman. The stabbings were one of three crime scenes where detectives said ex-principal Anthony Giancola stopped along his deadly rampage.

Jamie Raulerson's mother did not survive. Raulerson last saw her mother the night before the tragic killing.

 “I dropped her off at home and I told her I loved her and I’d see her tomorrow,” said Raulerson. “And now she’s gone. I never got to say goodbye.”

Friday morning, Raulerson learned the horrible news that her mother had been killed.

“She’ll never see me get married,” Raulerson said. “She’ll never see her grandsons graduate high school. She’ll never see the new grandbaby be born. He didn’t just steal a person from us, he stole a lot of memories, too.”

Detectives said Justin Vandenburgh, 27, was also stabbed to death at the home.

Raulerson said Vandenburgh was her friend. "I looked in his 4-year-old daughter’s eyes yesterday at the hospital,” she remembered, and she just said, ‘my daddy’s gone, my daddy’s dead. I have a broken heart.’ That’s all she could say.”

For Raulerson, making sense of the rampage is not possible.

"I’m sad and angry -- at the same time,” said Raulerson, "because that man, I feel like he stole so much from my family."

Allis lived in the home for a couple years, Raulerson said, but was friends with the people she lived with for much longer.

Two others were injured in the stabbing rampage. They suffered non-life threatening injuries.