While Tropical Storm Debby continues to lash Florida's gulf coast, the storm can be blamed for causing one death.

According to the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, a tornado moved through the area of Venus Sunday afternoon, damaging homes and resulting in the death of Heather Town, 32.

One witness said, “All we heard on the news was they saw development of circulation but they couldn’t tell if it hit the ground and around that time the power went out. You could hear it and then you could just feel it. It was terrifying.”

Town was found wrapped in debris of a barbed wire fence. She was holding her 3-year-old daughter, Ann Marie, in her arms. Town died, her daughter survived but suffered serious injuries.

Crystal Walker, Town's sister, said words can't describe her sister's sacrifice.

"Anyone that can hold on to their baby like that, I mean she was brave.  To cling to her child, to keep her baby safe," she said.

Kim Bass, Town's closest neighbor, was the first to hold 3-year-old Ann Marie until paramedics arrived.

"The worst thing I have ever seen.  To see a child like that, yeah.  And knowing what she was going to be facing for recovery, and the loss of a parent", Bass said.

The little girl suffered broken ribs, cuts and bruises, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

Town has two other kids besides Ann Marie.  Her sister will now care for all three of Heather's kids.  

Twenty miles north, Lake Placid saw severe damage with 10 homes destroyed, but thankfully there were no injuries reported. Work crews are also out there cutting down trees that snapped from the tornado.

Brandy Pettis was in her home with her husband and two children when a tornado hit.

"It got extremely dark very fast,'' Pettis said.  "And the winds started picking up and you could hear...it was almost like the ground started shaking."

About 20 miles north near Lake Placid, another twister destroyed 10 homes, including one on Lake June Drive that was thrown about 75 feet from its foundation.

Emergency crews worked throughout the night to help those affected and restoring power.

"We wanted to make sure everyone is safe for the night," said Nell Hayes with the Highland County Sheriff's Office. "We will evaluate (today) in the morning or when the storm passes."

Officials said they don't know if the Highlands County damage was caused by a single tornado or a series of twisters.

The National Weather Service will assess damage this week and determine just how strong the tornadoes were.