Six months after it first became a presence, 'Occupy Tampa' appears to have worn out its welcome with some area residents and business owners.

Some of those merchants discussed the issue Thursday during a city council meeting.

“Before occupy showed up, it was a place we like to go and hang out at,” said Mike Vannetta, Old West Tampa Neighborhood Association. “It’s a nuisance. It’s a public nuisance. That junked up corner that use to be our park.”

The business owners claim the 'Occupy Tampa' group has turned a privately owned park on Main Street into an impromptu squatters' village that is unsightly and, at times, unruly.

The group said the protesters have filled Voice of Freedom Park with tents and people using drugs and drinking alcohol.

The business owners are asking the city council to step in.

Even though some of members agree with the community sentiment that the area is an eyesore, they said everything that Occupy Tampa brought to this area hasn’t been all bad.

The group started a community garden and says they want to leave a mark on the community.            

The neighborhood association plans to will go before Tampa City Council on July 19th at 10 a.m.

They say they have a petition with about 200 to 300 signatures but say they hope to come to a solution before then. Meanwhile, 'Occupy Tampa' members say no one contacted them about the complaints in the petition.