A 94-year-old Polk County man was forced into his own home and robbed of a 1918 Rugar firearm and a cell phone Thursday, but the suspect didn't remain at large for long.

According to Polk County Sheriff's detectives, the man answered a knock at the door at his home in Waverly and the suspect asked him for money. The elderly man told the man he only had $5 on him. The suspect allegedly grabbed the victim by the arm, forced him into a back room of his house, asked him again for money and told the victim not to look at him.

The suspect stole an undetermined amount of cash, a cell phone and the 1918 firearm before leaving and going to another house nearby. The suspect asked one of the victim's neighbors if he could use a phone and the neighbor agreed; the neighbors did not know about the robbery at the time.

When deputies arrived at the victim's home, they spoke with the neighbors. With the neighbors' help, they called the number the suspect used and spoke to the person at the other end of the line. The person told deputies Russell Bishop, 52, of Waverly, had recently called them from the number.

In a photographic line-up, the elderly victim and the neighbors identified Bishop as the suspect and described his clothing in detail: a red shirt, blue jeans, with a silver-colored plating on his bottom teeth.

On Friday, detectives tracked Bishop to a parked van on Hart Street in Waverly. They found him sleeping and still wearing the clothes the victim and neighbors described, deputies said. They asked him about the crime and he allegedly admitted to using the neighbor’s phone, but told deputies if he went into the 94-year-old man’s house and stole something, he wouldn’t tell deputies about it.

He allegedly told them he consumed a number of alcoholic beverages on Thursday evening, and then told deputies, “take me to jail.”

So, they did.

Bishop was charged with burglary with a firearm, theft of a firearm, battery on a person over 65, theft and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Bishop already had an extensive criminal history, deputies said.

The firearm, which is inoperable, has not been found.