Weapons, violence and hate toward other ethnic groups: That's what an informant told the FBI about an alleged white supremacist group in Osceola County.

New documents released Wednesday reveal some of the evidence gathered during a two-year investigation into the group American Front.

The Florida state Attorney's Office released hundreds of pages of new information about what was happening at the group's remote compound in St. Cloud.

Marcus Faella, the group's leader, was among 13 people arrested during an FBI domestic terrorism investigation.

During an exclusive interview in May, Faella's wife, Patricia, told us she did not consider herself racist; rather, she described the group as "proud Americans."

According to the newly released documents, the informant was a drug dealer who sold cocaine to biker groups. He joined American Front and lived with the group at their compound.

He told the FBI the group was training and planning for violence throughout Central Florida, and one day hoped to become a leader of skinheads across the country.

The informant said he eventually stopped working with the group because he was worried they were starting to figure out that he was helping the authorities. He said he actually fled a movie theater and contacted local police.

The FBI also recruited a former Missouri National Guardsman involved in the neo-Nazi movement, according to the new documents.