Some employees are using their lunch breaks to help homeless Manatee County animals have a better chance of getting adopted.

Bonnie Sietman and several others, who work near the downtown branch of Animal Services stop in, grab a leash and start pounding the pavement with a pup that needs adopted.

"I have two breaks and a lunch hour so I try to get six dogs out a day," Sietman said. "Take the dogs for a walk, take them outside and get them some fresh air and make life a little easier for them hopefully."

Manatee County Animals Services has set a goal of being 91 percent no-kill by December. They're at 81 percent now.

Kris Weiskopf with Animal Services said voluntary dog walkers are giving the pups some good visibility and some great exercise.

"There's probably a good dozen or so regulars who come down here on their lunch breaks to walk the dogs,” said Weiskopf.  "Without them walking the dogs the dogs would more than likely spend the majority of the day in the cage by themselves."

When a dog is returned from their walk, little notes are posted about their behavior, letting future owners know how their dogs have progressed.

“Someone might be driving around and see you with the dog and then come in and adopt the dog,” Sietman said. "To find out that a nice family has taken them home and given them a great home it's very rewarding."

This Saturday is save a life day in Manatee County. You can go to the Palmetto Animal Services location from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All dogs and cats will be available for $35 and some will even be free to a good home.