Two young girls at a Pasco County elementary school got quite the surprise on Monday.

Army Specialist Kristin Rogers returned home from Afghanistan for a two week visit, and she started it off by surprising her 11-year-old daughter Celeste and 6-year-old daughter Ava at Mittye P. Locke Elementary School.
Rogers hasn’t seen the girls since she was deployed back in May.
“She’s (Celeste) is so tall, and of course being able to be with them again because before the Army I never had a moment without them,” said Specialist Kristin Rogers who is home from Afghanistan.
The three hugged each other, there were some tears, and then they were off to start their two week vacation together.
“I missed her smile, and I missed her face, I missed her because I love her a lot,” said Ava Rogers, Kristin’s daughter.
Specialist Rogers is home for 15 days before she has to return to duty overseas.
Rogers said she and the girls are going to spend some quality time together, going to lunch, getting pedicures, and doing some shopping.
Her tour will officially end in the middle of 2014.