It’s widely expected that Lance Armstrong will admit to doping during an interview with Oprah Winfrey that will air on Thursday.

That is leaving many from the “LIVESTRONG” organization to wonder what is next.

Armstrong’s legacy was built on the bike and a fight against cancer now in jeopardy of potentially being tarnished by cheating and lying.

Oprah Winfrey won’t give a straight answer about whether Armstrong admits to doping, but many suspect he did.

Now people connected to “LIVESTRONG,” the cancer fighting foundation Armstrong founded, are already reacting to the news.

“It has nothing to do with Lance Armstrong. It’s about cancer survivors and empowering them to live a healthier lifestyle and bringing them together and saying let’s start over again with your new normal,” said Maureen Chiodini, an organizer of the Tampa YMCA LIVESTRONG program.

Chiodini realizes that new normal for the organization is one disconnected from its founder.

Armstrong created the foundation after battling the disease himself.

It’s a program cancer survivors all over the country use to take the next step in life.

“Shame on him for doing drugs while he was cycling, but thank you for what you’ve done for cancer survivors and for giving the YMCA a chance to work with the ‘LIVESTRONG’ at the YMCA program,” Chiodini said.

Organizers of the “LIVESTRONG” at the YMCA’s in Tampa say they still applaud Armstrong for his own fight against cancer and all he did for cancer research.

“How he took his fame and his fortune and said you know what I’m going to do something for cancer survivors. That’s where we see it now that’s what we look at,” Chiodini said.

Armstrong created his foundation in 1997.

The name was later changed to “LIVESTRONG.”

Armstrong stepped down as chairman late last year.