The trial of a man accused of killing his father got underway Wednesday in Citrus County

John William Campbell is accused of killing his father during a crime spree in 2010. Investigators say he killed his father with a sharp, hatchet-like tool.

The state is asking for the death penalty.

Jill Lane is a close family friend and knew Campbell’s father well.

“I am here for his sisters, who are in their 80s and unable to be here, and his grandchildren that he can’t see again," Lane said. "I’m here for the whole family.”

Deputies say before his father’s body was found Campbell robbed a number of stores in Citrus County. He was finally caught after a high-speed chase.

Several witnesses took the stand for the state to go over key evidence. The defense says Campbell shouldn’t be charged with first-degree murder and he has psychological issues that should play out in court later on.

The trial could wrap up at the end of the week but there’s a possibility it could go into next week.

Campbell faces a number of other charges like robbery, burglary and dealing in stolen property.