It's a case of the community speaking out and hospital officials listening.

Dr. Wright Hernandez has been helping people for about 37 years. The Citrus County doctor takes his job very seriously.

“When you have been doing this for a while, it is in you," Hernandez said. "It is a thing you want to do for the rest of your life.”

Citrus Memorial Hospital’s walk-in clinic in Sugarmill Woods was set close for good Jan. 1. Hospital officials say it was a budget move to save money. Residents in that part of the county spoke out, asking to keep it open.

“All the people in the neighborhood were asking me why don't we stay open because they needed a place to come in,” Hernandez said.

So Hernandez decided there had to be a way to keep it open. He sat down with hospital officials and they figured something out. Hernandez would start a practice at the clinic and continue seeing walk-in patients.

Sherri Maurer lives out west and is spending the winter in Homosassa. She’s relieved the clinic is staying open.

“Our doctor is 2,700 miles from here,” Maurer said.

Hernandez said keeping the doors open is the right thing to do.

“I live a mile away," he said. "I’m a member of the community. People talk to me. I know the people around here.”

Hospital officials say they never really tried the walk-in clinic/practice thing before. They’re happy it’s all working out.