A Polk County couple is scrambling to make new wedding plans because of the federal government shutdown.

Mike Music and Brandy Woods had a permit to get married Friday at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. But the National Park Service now says the memorial will be closed.

"To be so excited and then in a matter of a day you are all the way at the bottom," said Music about the news.

He said he hadn't really paid too much attention to the issues in Washington until the shutdown.

Woods and Music both work for the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

The couple and their 15 member wedding party bought non-refundable airline tickets for their trip to the nation's capital. So, the wedding will still take place in Washington. It's just a matter of finding a new place to have the ceremony.

"Now we are in a limbo," said Music. "We are trying to figure out what we are going to do. So we are just going to wing it."

Brandy Woods is trying to keep calm with all the pressure of her wedding day, travel and now having to find a new location.

"And I don't want to be mad on my wedding day. And I don't want to be mad on our honeymoon on how things have worked out,” she said.

Both Woods and Music are holding out hope that the government shutdown will be over quickly so they can still get married at the Jefferson Memorial. But just in case, they have relatives already in Washington scouting for new sites.