Climbing Mount Kilamanjaro is a great feat no matter who you are, but a Bay News 9 Everyday Hero recently made the climb after beating brain cancer.

Now, he is making it his mission to help others suffering from the disease.

Thomas Harrington is an adventurous type. But a year and a half ago, he was far less enthusiastic. Harrington had a massive seizure and was rushed to the hospital, where he received a diagnosis of a cancerous mass on his brain. His only option was surgery.

Right before going in the operating room, Harrington made a proposition to his father. When his health crisis was over, they would climb Mount Kilamanjaro together.

Now 21 and cancer-free, Harrington and his dad traveled to East Africa recently and climbed to the mountain's 19,000-feet summit. Others joined them on the climb, including the brain surgeon that operated on Thomas. They traveled with about 30 guides and helpers.

But having spent so much time in the hospital, Thomas decided his climb should represent something more. He decided to use the climb as a fundraiser to help raise awareness for early signs of pediatric cancer.

"We want to start raising money, at least try to raise some for awareness for kids with cancer," Harrington said. "National Brain Tumor Society or early diagnosis or anything like that."

Harrington's climb raised $12,000 for the NBTS.