So, what do you do if you're riding your skateboard and carrying a heavy backpack?

If you're Alexei Novitzky, you start a new company.

A former University of South Florida student with a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering, Novitzky, 26, conceived of a business idea while on his skateboard.

"I was tired of having a backpack and a skateboard," said Novitzky, who created a skateboard with storage space. "What we have here is the only skateboard in the world that offers you a place to put your personal items."

With the help of a communication professor, Novitzky got a patent on what is now known as the BriefSkate. The skateboard with a storage compartment between the wheels can hold an iphone, an ipad mini and even school books.

The original design was too clunky for serious skateboarders, sending Novitzky and his three-member team back into their Tampa workshop to tweak the design.

Starting with 28 plys of skateboard veneer, each board takes about eight hours to create. The boards will cost about $150 each starting in December. Novitzky's creation recently got a boost when skateboarding legend Tony Hawk mention the BriefSkate on his radio show.

"I envision them in every boutique skate shop across the country," Novitzky said "If not the world."