An historical marker honoring President John F. Kennedy's visit to Tampa just four days before he was assassinated was unveiled Friday in downtown.

"I’m hoping that when people pass this marker they remember the joy and the happiness that we, Tampa, gave to John Kennedy on November 18, 1963," said Lynn Dingfelder. "We showed him a wonderful time. He was here for five hours. A 28-mile motorcade.

Dingfelder said it was her idea to put up a marker after finishing a PBS documentary called JFK in Tampa: The 50th Anniversary.

"I realized that documentaries, as wonderful as they may be, come and go," she said. "I wanted something very permanent and I realized that we didn’t have an historic marker. So, I appealed to the Historic Advisory Council and it was kind of a no-brainer. They said, ‘Yeah, of course. What a great idea.’”

The marker is located at the corner of Franklin St. and Kennedy Blvd. and has details about Kennedy's visit to Tampa.

"Fifty years ago, John Kennedy drove down and passed by this corner," Dingfelder said.

The historical marker also features a picture of Kennedy in Tampa that was taken by photojournalist Tony Zappone, who was only 16-years-old at the time.

"That day that I shot the picture, I had no idea of what it’s significance would be. I just thought it would be running in the paper the next day and that would be the end of it," Zappone said. "Here I am 50-years later and it’s on an historical marker and it’s such an incredible honor and it’ll be there forever."