Tampa Police have charged two people in a shooting that occurred in a Home Depot parking lot on North Dale Mabry Highway Wednesday.

According to police, the incident started when Raymond Lindstrom pulled out of his parking space and attempted to exit the aisle. 

Police say Latasha Strong was pulling into the aisle and the two cars were too close to pass each other safely.

“Both of them were right here side by side, they stopped and it was like, hey, back up, no, you back up, no, you back up,” said Police Chief Jane Castor. 

Police say Lindstrom and Strong argued, and then Strong’s husband and friend got involved.

Police say they confronted Lindstrom who was inside his truck and a physical altercation occurred while he was sitting in his truck. 

Police say Lindstrom pulled out his gun and one of the suspects tried to take it. Lindstrom then tried to take off but hit a dead end in the parking lot.

When Lindstrom turned around to try and leave the parking lot, police say Strong’s husband, Darrell, was firing his gun from the store entrance, scaring customers.

Police say none of the dozen people in between the shooter and the victim in his truck were injured.

“It was so close, four or five minutes one way or another could have made a big difference,” said Larry Grace, who had just left the store.

However, Grace's car got caught in the crossfire.

Police say Lindstrom never fired his gun and had minor injuries as a result of the fight. 

Police say both parties had concealed weapon permits.

Darrell Strong’s charges include aggravated assault with a firearm and discharging a firearm in public. The other suspect, John Christian, is charged with burglary for the purpose of battery.