The third time is not the charm for a Delta IV rocket that was scheduled to launch Thursday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

United Launch Alliance said the launch of the rocket carrying a GPS satellite for the U.S. Air Force is being delayed until early next year due to an engine problem, the same problem they have been trying to fix from a previous launch.

ULA said an engine leak during an October 2013 launch caused a lower than expected thrust. The Delta IV rocket was able to carry its satellite payload to the proper orbit and since then ULA has carried out successful Delta IV missions from the Space Coast.

ULA investigators are still determining what kind of modifications need to be done to make sure the same problem doesn’t occur again.

A ULA spokeswoman said impacts to the rest of the Delta IV manifest are under review. If the problem persists, it could impact the September 2014 Orion test flight. The Orion capsule is schedule to launch on board a Delta IV for its first flight ever. Orion is NASA's next generation spacecraft, replacing the space shuttle.

A ULA spokesperson said its other rocket, the Atlas V, is on track for upcoming launches, including a NASA communications satellite in January.