It’s an airplane landing that will go down in history for Sun 'n Fun at the Lakeland Airport.

FedEx has donated a Boeing 727 to Sun 'n Fun to support Polk County aviation education programs.

Sun 'n Fun is home to the Central Florida Aerospace Academy and Polk State College aviation courses.

“These kids will have an airplane that they can actually learn how to start the engine, they can use the auxiliary power unit, they can exercise the hydraulics,” said David Sutton, with FedEx.

Those skills that could ultimately land jobs for Aerospace Academy students like Mikey Brady.

“It’s great,” Brady said. “I’m happy about it and so is most of the kids I believe.”

Dozens of children of all ages came out to the airport to get a glimpse of the plane.

Some students missed the landing because of a two hour delay, but Sun 'n Fun officials say they’ll be getting so much more.

Students will soon be able to board the plane, sit in the cockpit and learn all about the aircraft as a part of Sun 'n Fun’s educational programs.

The full plane renovation is expected to be completed by next summer.

The aircraft will be elevated and mounted so students can learn about the entire plane, including the landing gear.