The old federal courthouse off of Florida Avenue in downtown Tampa is on its way to becoming a 4-star hotel.

Developers ceremoniously broke ground on the Meridien Hotel Tuesday. Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn says with that ground-breaking comes hundreds of jobs for the area. It also means more money coming into the city.

"To see this put back on the tax rolls, made productive, this signature hotel is a win-win all the way around," said Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

The first floor courtroom will become a restaurant. The fourth floor courtroom will turn into the main ballroom. But the transformation will be tricky because developers are trying to save pieces of the historic structure. The swinging leather doors, the marble walls, and the wood-panels will be some of the pieces preserved in the new hotel.

The developer is spending $25 million to transform the old courthouse into the Meridien Hotel. It's expected to be finished by the spring of 2014.