Crews with LRE Ground Services worked for hours to fill three massive sinkholes at a Brooksville home.

During tropical storm Debby the home looked like it was in the middle of a lake instead of on an acre of beautiful grass.

“It was home until the flood happened and everything was gone overnight,” said Richard Gray, whose parents lived in the home.

Gray said weeks after the water receded, the devastation remained. The home was deemed unlivable, the yard was destroyed and his mother, Lily Fielder, passed away.

“Everything my mother worked for and saved and cherished and cared for her entire life is gone,” said Gray.

LRE donated their time and services to fill all three holes and remove a 200-year-old oak tree that once stood tall but now is in a hole.

The company said they know the fix can’t give the family back all that was lost but it can provide some normalcy amidst the chaos they family is still experiencing.

“Obviously, a lot of us had heavy hearts for them so we decided to step in and do what we could to try and help out in this situation,” said Frank Vitale, GM of LRE Ground Services.

Even though the fix for the property is only temporary, Richard Gray said he’s just happy someone stepped in to try and save what they could of his mother’s legacy.

“We were praying for a miracle and the Lord sent us LRE,” said Gray.