A Tampa resident has stepped up to replace an iPad stolen from an autistic Bradenton man.

Paul Schultz, 22, uses the iPad to communicate, but it was stolen from his mother's truck on March 26.

On Wednesday, Stan White made the drive from Tampa to give Schultz a brand-new iPad.

"In order for young people to become big thinkers they need a way to communicate," White said. "And I said, I have an instrument that he uses all the time that is a form of communication for him.' So here is an opportunity for him to become a big thinker."

White said he was inspired to make the gift after seeing Schultz's story on Bay News 9.

"It touched my heart," he said. "And I had this instrument in my office and it's one of the things that we do."

Paul Schultz's mother, Lindy, said she was touched by White's gesture.

"It's great to know that there are so many great people out there who actually care about others," she said. "It's pretty much restored my faith in mankind."

White was one of several people who expressed interest in helping out Schultz.  Several people also wrote to the Bradenton Herald after a letter from Lindy Schultz was published, in which she asked the thief to return her son's iPad.

When Schultz goes back to school, his teachers will install his learning apps so he can communicate once again.

Police said they have no leads as to who stole Schultz's original iPad.