A group of golfers in Pasco County haven't lost their competitive edge after losing arms and legs and they're sending out a message to the victims of the tragic bombings in Boston.

When it comes to golf, they're good. They’re all amputees but that doesn’t matter. The phrase “I can’t” doesn’t sit well with this crowd.

They gathered at Seven Springs Golf and Country Club in Pasco over the weekend for the Southern Amputee Golf Association Regional Championship. Kenny Bontz lost his leg from above the knee down.

“These legs and arms are too advanced right now to not be able to do what you want when you want to do it,” Bontz said.

It is not a small tournament. There were 46 players from 18 different states and the competition was stiff.

They want fellow amputees to know losing an arm or leg doesn’t mean it is time to give up. They have some advice for the bombing victims recovering in Boston.

Mike Hudson said it won’t be easy, but when the time is right, get out there and live.

“Don’t sit at home," Hudson said. "Don’t sit on that couch. Get out there and you can do it. Might take a little effort but you can do it. There is support in every state in this country.”

The Southern Amputee Golf Association has been around for years. The players say it’s a lot more than a bunch of golfers. They say it is an amazing and much needed support group.