Police have released details about the accidental shooting that happened at the Tyrone Mall Starbucks over the weekend.

According to police spokesman Mike Puetz, 51-year-old Pamela Beck was standing in line with her friend when her gun went off. The friend, 38-year-old Amie Peterson, was shot in the left leg.

Beck apparently went to put her purse down and a gun in the bottom of the purse discharged, Puetz said.

Peterson was taken to Bayfront Medical Center and was treated and released. The incident happened around 5 p.m. Saturday.

The .25 caliber semi-automatic gun had been given to Beck by her father for protection, and she had forgotten it was in the bottom of the purse she brought to the mall.  It was loaded with six rounds and one in the chamber, Puetz said.

Beck did not have a concealed weapons permit, Puetz said. She has not been charged, but the State Attorney's Office is reviewing the case.