Manatee County drivers who appeal a red light camera citation could soon be forced to pay a $408 fine.

The Florida Legislature is considering allowing communities to add on an extra $250 to the normal $158 base fee to cover the cost of appeals.

Residents are not happy about the proposed change.

"That to me seems a little ridiculous," said Cory Dick.  "It's a little high.  It seems like the public is being ripped off."

Nick Azzara with Manatee County, said the county is considering charging an additional $250 fee to the already $158 violation charge for anyone who appeals.

He said it's a way for local governments to recoup their court costs.

"Part of what the state legislation did is allow counties and cities that have red light cameras to enforce additional costs up to $250 to those who violate red light camera and who lose their appeal in court," said Azzara.

Supporters said it's needed to prevent unnecessary appeals from going through the judicial system.

Yet, drivers feel differently and said it would deter people from appealing.

"It's very high risk," said Brittany Woodham.  "It's too much money.  I would pay the ticket and fine."

The changes could go into effect on July 1st.

Each county and city will have to look at their local ordinances to see if they want to adopt it.

The statewide law authorizing the use of red-light cameras was named in honor of Manatee County resident Mark Wandall, who was killed by a red-light runner in 2003.