A group of business men and women in St. Petersburg believe they have the remedy to a problem many small business owners face.

Professionals, from different backgrounds, different companies, all under the same roof.

It’s called CoCreativ and it’s the brainchild of Jason Stoll, Heather Kendall, and Joseph Warren.

“They need meeting space, they need office space that’s professional,” Warren said.

It’s an idea that comes from experience. The three used to run a Tampa consulting firm, but they weren’t ready to purchase office space.

Coffee shops and restaurants became their meeting spots, but Warren said it just didn’t work.

“We were highly distracted, so we’re doing meetings strategy sessions, etc., and trying to build and grow our company in the wrong type of environment," he said.

With that in mind, CoCreativ was born.

The group just opened a suite on the 12th floor of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown St. Petersburg. There, business people can drop in, plug in, and go to work starting at $10. They can rent a desk, an office, a conference room, for as little as an hour or as much as a month.

“You just come in, drop in, no commitment, come use all this beautiful office space, as your own.”

It’s perfect for Dean Capone, an artist who has an independent record label.

“Well I have done it out of my house for a long time and it requires a lot of discipline and sometimes it gets lonely and you do want to be around other creative people,” he said.

It’s a professional place where people can network and just plain work for a low price and little commitment.

The co-founders of CoCreativ have big plans. They hope to open more shops in the Tampa Bay area and other big cities around the country.

Warren said Executive Suites would be CoCreativ’s closest competitor. He said the difference is CoCreativ does not require a long term contract.

Warren also said he’d like to have some ground floor space on the street to open up future locations.