For residents who already miss the soon to be demolished St. Petersburg Pier, pieces of the Pier's history will be auctioned off.

People like Patty Youhn are taking it all in before it’s gone.

“The past few months I've been going out there more to savor the past few days, it’s over!” said Patty Youhn.

Items from inside and outside the Pier will be up for auction starting June 11.

“Especially people who have really been going out there all these years, I’m going to check it out myself,” said Youhn.

Kitchen equipment, signs, posters, furniture, even a few garbage cans are on the auction list.

Fisherman Christopher Porter is eager to get his hands on a few items.

“A lot of memorabilia the people who have lived here for years have a lot of attachments to the place and I think they would definitely be interested,” said Christopher Porter.

Of course all the Pier enthusiasts have a wish list.

“Checking out for more Pier posters,” said Youhn.

“Probably a sign or something, maybe a fishing sign,” said Porter.

Soon enough it will be all within reach if the price is right.

The preview for the auction will be held from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. on June 10.