Opening statements are set to begin Monday in the George Zimmerman trial.

But the prosecution's case will not include the testimony of two state audio experts.

Judge Debra Nelson issued the decision Saturday to exclude the opinion testimony of Dr. Alan Reich and Thomas Owen.

During a pre-trial Frye hearing, Reich and Owen testified the screams heard on 911 calls the night Travyon Martin was killed was indeed the victim.

However, the order does not prevent the parties from playing the calls at trial.

Also, the judge ruled witnesses familiar with Zimmerman or Martin’s voices can testify regarding the identity of the person making the screams on 911 calls made on Feb. 26, 2012, the night Martin was killed.

On Friday, Nelson ruled prosecutors are allowed to use terms like "vigilante" and "wannabe cop" once the trial begins.

The defense's motion sought to have what they called "defamatory" words and phrases banned from Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial.