You might not have heard of him yet, but St. Pete mayoral hopeful Paul Congemi hopes you will.

He's running for mayor again, after an unsuccessful attempt four years ago. He's got strong beliefs, namely in God over government, and is going to, as he says, focus on the common man.

But is that focus, enough to get elected?

"I stand behind God, morality and the common man. I do not represent big business and industry or dollars and cents. I stand behind the common man," Congemi said.

The common man is what drove Congemi to run for mayor four years ago. And it’s what has lead him to run again.

"Ever since I have been living in the city, I have seen mayor after mayor, after city councilman come and go, and everyone, all they talk about is greed and dollars and cents and big business and industry."

Congemi has been a resident of Pinellas County for 44 years. He moved here from New York with ideas and hopes for the city he loves. He says, he just needs the chance to turn his ideas into reality.

"There is nothing for the common man, I am the common man. I represent the working poor," Congemi said.

He says the number one issue he’ll tackle is immorality.

"My main concern is the people that don’t have a job. People who are already working and making minimum wage and people who have no medical insurance. Those are the people that I represent. It seems as though all they talk about in City Hall is big business and industry and whats being left behind is the common man," Congemi said.

Congemi feels as though the pier issue is yet another example of greed in government.

"Whether or not they keep the old Pier or put a new one up, it's all for one purpose; it's all for tourism and big business and industry. And that really isn’t my concern. My concern is for the common man."

If you ask Congemi about his motto he wants voters to remember it.

"If you listen to all the other candidates speak, they are all indistinguishable from the next. Everything with them is greed and dollars and cents. The only answer to immorality today is God. If I should be fortunate enough to be elected mayor of this city, I will fight immorality with morality," Congemi said.