The following is a running list of witnesses who have been called to testify in the George Zimmerman trial in Sanford for the Feb. 26, 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Witnesses are listed in the order in which they were called, starting with the first witness on top, and the most recent at the bottom.

Testimony began Monday, June 24, 2013. The trial is expected to last two to four weeks.


Prosecution Phase

1 June 24 Chad Joseph Friend of Trayvon, son of Tracy Martin's girlfriend
2 June 24 Andrew Gaugh 7-Eleven clerk, sold Trayvon Skittles and drink
3 June 24 Sean Noffke Dispatcher who took Zimmerman's call
4 June 24–25 Ramona Rumph Seminole Co. Sheriff's Office communications director
5 June 25 Wendy Dorival Sanford Police, former neighborhood watch coordinator
6 June 25 Donald O'Brien President of Retreat at Twin Lakes HOA
7 June 25 Sgt. Anthony Raimondo Sanford Police, 2nd officer to respond to scene
8 June 25 Diana Smith Crime scene technician, Sanford Police
9 June 25 Selene Bahadoor Former neighbor, witnessed 'struggle' outside home
10 June 26 Jeanne Manalo Former neighbor, heard struggle, shooting
11 June 26 Jayne Syrdyka Former neighbor, heard struggle, shooting
12 June 26–27 Rachel Jeantel "Witness 8," last person on phone with Trayvon
13 June 27 Raymond MacDonald T-Mobile manager, explained Trayvon's phone records
14 June 27 Jenna Lauer Former neighbor, heard screaming for help
15 June 27 Selma Mora Former neighbor, testified in Spanish
16 June 28 Greg McKinney Maintains neighborhood's security cameras
17 June 28 Jonathan Good Former neighbor, saw "MMA-style" struggle
18 June 28 Jonathan Manalo Former neighbor, took photo of bleeding Zimmerman
19 June 28 Ricardo Ayala Sanford Police officer, attempted to revive Trayvon
20 June 28 Stacey Livingston Sanford Fire/EMT, treated Zimmerman's injuries
21 June 28 Timothy Smith Sanford Police officer, first to respond to scene
22 June 28 Lindzee Folgate Physician assistant, treated Zimmerman's injuries
23 July 1
Dr. Hirotaka Nakasone Audio analysis expert, FBI
24 July 1 Doris Singleton Sanford Police officer, took Zimmerman's statement
25 July 1–2 Chris Serino Sanford Police detective, case's lead investigator
26 July 2 Mark Osterman Zimmerman's "best friend"
27 July 2 Dr. Valerie Rao Chief medical examiner, city of Jacksonville
28 July 2 Kristin Benson Seminole County Sheriff's Office
29 July 3 Sonja Bolez-Melvin
Seminole State College registrar
30 July 3 Lt. Scott Kearns Prince William County, Va. Police Dept.
31 July 3 Capt. Alexis Carter U.S. Army, taught criminal justice course
32 July 3 Jim Krzenski Sanford Police administrator, ride-along program
33 July 3 Scott Pleasants Seminole State College criminal justice professor
34 July 3
Amy Siewert FDLE crime lab analyst, examined Zimmerman's gun
35 July 3 Anthony Gorgone FDLE crime lab analyst
36 July 5 Sybrina Fulton Trayvon Martin's mother
37 July 5 Jahvaris Fulton Trayvon Martin's brother
38 July 5 Sybrina Fulton 2nd testimony
39 July 5 Dr. Shiping Bao Assoc. medical examiner, performed Trayvon's autopsy


Defense Phase

  Date Called Name Relationship to Case
40 July 5 Gladys Zimmerman
George Zimmerman's mother
41 July 5 Jorge Mesa George Zimmerman's uncle (Gladys' brother)
42 July 8 Sondra Osterman Friend of Zimmerman, Mark Osterman's wife
43 July 8 Mark Osterman 2nd testimony
44 July 8 Geri Russo Friend, former co-worker of Zimmerman
45 July 8 Leanne Benjamin Friend, former business associate of Zimmerman
46 July 8 John Donnelly Friend of Zimmerman, husband of Leanne Benjamin
47 July 8 Doris Singleton 2nd testimony
48 July 8 Chris Serino 2nd testimony
49 July 8 Doris Singleton 3rd testimony
50 July 8 Adam Pollock Gym owner, trained Zimmerman in MMA fighting
51 July 8 Tracy Martin Trayvon Martin's father
52 July 8 Bill Lee Former Sanford Police chief
53 July 9 Dr. Vincent Di Maio Forensic pathologist, gunshot wound expert
54 July 9 Norton Bonaparte Sanford city manager
55 July 9 Eloise Dilligard Former neighbor of Zimmerman
56 July 10 Dennis Root Law enforcement trainer, private investigator
57 July 10 Olivia Bertalan Former neighbor
58 July 10 Robert Zimmerman Sr. George Zimmerman's father

Prosecution Rebuttal

  Date Called Name Relationship to Case
59 July 10 Adam Pollock
2nd testimony


Zimmerman's defense released a complete list of more than 100 witnesses who could be called to testify. Not every name on that list may be called.