The teen caught on cell phone video brutally beating a fellow student has learned her fate.

The judge has sentenced the attacker, who Bay News 9 is not naming because she is a juvenile, to 270 days of probation with certain restrictions.

The mother of the victim, Chase Cristia, 16, said the judge’s sentencing is like a weight lifted off the family’s shoulders.

Meantime, the judge called the attacker’s behavior “outrageous.”

The beating took place on the back of a Pasco County School bus in February.

"So many sleepless nights,” said Tracy Cristia, Chase’s mother, describing how life changed for her daughter after the attack. “Emergency room visits, stomach aches, nightmares."

And to make matters worse, another girl videotaped the beating and then posted it on Facebook and it went viral.

“I've replayed it in my head over and over and over,” Cristia said. “I mean, it's my baby. I can hear her screaming to stop. I can see it as vivid as if I were watching it."

Chase's mother said the beating was the result of an exchange Chase had with the two girls in the lunchroom of Mitchell High School earlier in the day.

She said Chase told the girls to grow up and stop picking on another student.

And now five months later, the attacker learns a grown-up lesson while Chase has moved on to forgiveness.

"She actually said she wishes these girls no ill,” Cristia said. “She said she actually almost feels bad for them."

So what about the other girl who videotaped it and put it on the Internet?

Chase's mom believes she planned the whole thing and even egged the attacker on.

When it comes time for her sentencing, Chase’s mom hopes justice is once again served.

"We've been able to close one door,” Cristian said.  “We still have another one, obviously."

The other girl is expected to face the judge sometime in September.

In addition to those 270 days of probation, the extra conditions include a curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., an apology letter to Chase and her mother, and mental and substance abuse evaluations.

The attacker has also been instructed not to use social media.