A robbery suspect was arrested after he posted comments under his own "wanted" photo on the Pasco County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Matthew Oliver, 23, was arrested Friday on an active warrant for a robbery.

Oliver's photo was posted Wednesday to the PCSO Facebook page as part of agency's "Fugitive of the Day" program.  A short while later, Oliver began posting comments under his photo, deputies said.

On Friday, the PCSO Fugitive Team posted the following comment: "Members of the Fugitive Warrants Unit observed Matt Oliver as he walked into an apartment wearing a T-shirt. Moments later he came back outside where it is 80 degrees, wearing a camouflage jacket with the hood up. He was apprehended without any resistance."

Officials said that while they have been able to make arrests through the Fugitive of the Day program, this is the first time the suspect has actively and publicly engaged with the agency through the Facebook page.